May 18th, 2012

crossed heart

4 days left!

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Okay, okay, so I sound like the call from the Ring…but having your first book come out is pretty huge!

Check out my spiffy new website! We’re (the royal we, because it’s late and I’m tired) still getting settled in, but I loooove it so far. It’s very classy! Unlike me! Ha ;). (Did I mention that it’s late?)

I spent most of today doing edits to Shapeshifted. It’s a pretty good distraction from getting too focused on the perpetual countdown to Nightshifted outness. (I’m not saying I’ll be outside the bookstore the moment it opens on Tues. But I’m also not saying I won’t be.)

I’ve been kind of in a rapid-cycle DABDA each time I flip over a page. I read my editor’s note, I’m all, “But but but…” in denial, then I’m angry — at myself, not her — and then I bargain about the easiest way to fix things instead of the right way, and then I get sad that I have to do it the right way after all, and finally I actually accept that I have to do the edit and do it. Same cycle, each page. (In my small defense, I’ve already done all the easy pages.) It’s becoming a better book though. I don’t know how else I’d manage to tell a decent story. As much as I wish I could write things perfectly the first time through, getting edited, first by Daniel, and then my agent and editor, is a necessary part of the process. At least until such a time as I can just beam my stories into reader’s heads.

Oh, and as alllllways happens when I’m working on something really hard — my brain’s been coughing up skads of notes on everything but Shapeshifted, in a desperate effort to get out of the hard work. I now know the plots for the next three books in the series, and have some ideas for some one off novellas, back stories on current characters. Which is awesome, if not awesomely timed.

I’m gonna be swamped this weekend, so this might be my final post until the big day. If so, trust that I’m still counting down in my mind! :D