May 15th, 2012

crossed heart

1.8 lbs of editing left….

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Out of the 5.8 lbs of editing yesterday, 1.8 of those lbs were Moonshifted edits, which I've set aside for out of the remaining 4 lbs of paper, I'm down to 1.8 lbs of Shapeshifted to go. I pulled out all the pages with no comments, and then did all the pages with light copy-edit type things. Now I've just got an inchish stack of papers that have notes that require actual thought on them, plus the bullet list of todos my editor sent with the package. So I've made significant progress overall, but the hardest work is yet to come.

We decided in email that edits would be emailed back by the 25th. Which is ten days from now. During those ten days I have:

six nights of work

one wedding

one best friend's graduation party

my own anniversary

a trip to Wiscon (it's due my 2nd day at Wiscon)

two promotional articles still due

one debut novel releasing

and five goldeeeeen rinnnnngssss!

I wish so hard that I didn't have to go to work so much this week. But I don't have any time to take off right now (thanks back injury in Dec, muttermutter) and I know we're busy because they called to see if I could come in extra tonight (no way, no how, sorry.) It's all doable, but at the outer edges of doable. Although I understand all the reasons publishing doesn't come with a firm schedule, I would like it sooooo much better if it did. (It would have made more sense for me to do all this stuff last week while at Blue Heaven, but I reallllly wanted to get ahead in Deadshifted and feel writerly. It was worth it at the time, although I might change my mind in a week. ;))

Anyhow. I'm only still up whinging because I need to get used to staying up so I don't die tomorrow night at work. Bedtime now, and we'll see how things go :D. Technically, it's only a week till Nightshifted comes out now, in my timezone! :D