May 13th, 2012

crossed heart

5.8 lbs of work to do

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Home now, finally. Traveling yesterday was overly long -- but on the plane i figured out a ton of pacing and plot for Deadshifted, which is awesome. I need to restructure what I've got but I know what to do now, which is always good :D.

Got a chance to look at all the edits and proofing I have to do. I weighed it -- it's 5.8 lbs of paper total. Dang.

Exhibit a) with lifesized cat:

I need to do Shapeshifted edits asap, so the second I'm done and my editor agrees, it can get out the door to Germany for translating. But Moonshifted pageproofs have to be done by June 7th, for production. And did I mention Nightshifted's out in 9 days...and I work six out of the next eight days?

These guys (who hang out on my husband's desk) think that that's a hoot.

Ha ;). Really, it is, and everything's gonna be fine.(...she tells herself so she doesn't scream in panic and suddenly question her life choices).

In pleasantly distracting news, Nightshifted got a review from All Things Urban Fantasy! :D

My body's still on East Coast time, so I'm signing off now, but I've got tomorrow off at least, so I'll dive on in and report a new lbs of paper left to go tomorrow night :D.