May 11th, 2012

crossed heart

Blue Heaven Day 6

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Yesterday was one of those balking days -- where I had to pause think about if I needed to push through, or if I was writing the wrong thing. I wrote a k, and then things felt weird -- I realized that the tenor of things was wrong. I was ramping up into the action too fast -- I love to escalate things (as those of you reading Nightshifted in eleven days will find out!) but I was going waaaay too fast for this book, and skipping some of the emotional resonance.

So I had to ponder where I was going to slow down, and what I was going to rewrite. And I had this one thread which was going to wind up being unbearably sad and I couldn't even write it it hurt so I had to figure out a way to fix that so that it was more poignant and less carve-my-heart-out-with-a-dull-butter-knife.

And then there was a job for Nurse Cassie which went fine but ate up some of yesterday, and some of today too, although I have to say that hospitals in North Carolina are very very nice. It's all research, hey ;).

Back at the beach house now, skipping dinner to write more, and trying to get the words I already have right. I feel really good about this book now -- I just want it to be perfect, because it's going to have such a huge pay off.

I've got Shapeshifted edits, and Moonshifted page proofs waiting back home for me, so today and tomorrow might be my last writing days for awhile (also what with Nightshifted coming out. Eleven days!). But I feel like I'm in Deadshifted solidly now, which is fantastic.