May 7th, 2012

crossed heart

Blue Heaven Day 2 —

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Wrote 4.2k today! 16.2k total. If I have another good day, I'll be able to send Daniel another chunk :D. He saw the first 9k, and says my roll is legit ;). (I was pretty sure it was legit, but after a few false starts, a headpat is nice.)

Things are lovely here. I wrote in the morning and walked on the beach, wrote more, went to dinner, and then wrote even after that, and then we made some pina coladas and we all wound up in the hot tub talking and telling stories. I'm listening to the ocean outside now while people debate the merits of assorted comic books. I'm pretty sure this is heaven ;). (Although I do miss my husband...and Desmo ;))

Still on track for 30k this week here, though I'm still hoping that I can do even more than that....we'll see :D.