May 4th, 2012

crossed heart

almost caught up! & t-1 to Blue Heaven

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I think I'm almost caught up on promotional stuff and life stuff! (If I'm not, don't tell me!)

Seriously, the past few days have been a whirlwind of me trying to shove everything in. I rocked a PM shift on Weds, but after such a long Monday night my back was shot by the end of it. They wanted us to transfer the patient to a new bed at the end, and I almost cried. (Luckily, we staffed up nightshift, and they did it because they're awesome.)

Then I came home, crashed out, and got up early yesterday for exciting shopping, hanging out, and phone calls! I went up to SF with Rachel Swirsky, to see our friend Katie Sparrow, both of them Nebula nominees this year, and Vylar Kaftan who was a Nebula nominee last year -- I looked up at one point in time while we were all writing, and thought, "Wow, there is a ton of writing brainpower in this room right now." We ate awesome Thai food down the street from Katie's place, and then I managed to get into and out of the parking space at her incredibly narrow garage without having a heart attack or scraping off a side mirror ;).

Luckily some of the combined writing mojo rubbed off on me! Ha ;). Seriously, I reentered the Deadshifted arena, and as of this morning I'm up to 5k I really like, this is it, unless Daniel says otherwise. Awhile back I decided to gut things and start over, and I did, and it's so much better for it. It's really hard to give into that process, but that's where all the goodness is. I think there's a direct correlation to between awesomeness of future text and a willingness to scrap everything. (I know, I know, I'm supposed to be outlining. But I also needed to feel like a Real Writer, and it's been awhile because of all the life-crazy. I have to keep my brain happy first.)

One of the phone calls yesterday was a marketing biz one, so i had to spend some time last night and today organizing things and double checking links to share with peoples. But I really do think I'm caught up. If you wanted an interview or a review copy, let me know, I actually have room on my plate. Today's call was website stuff (yay, Steph!) and I can't wait until my new site goes up, it's gonna be amazing!

Now I just have to do packing, and make sure I'm taking everything I'll need for the next week of writing productivity with me at Blue Heaven. It's like I'm going to writing summer camp, only it's going to be awesome!

Because I'm all about the goals and I think that I'm gonna be able to just write while I'm there (please, pretty please), I have an insane plan to least 3k a day while I'm there. But hopefully 5k. I want to write flat out the whole time. I know I can do 5k in a day, because that one day I did why not dream big? I think i do know enough of the plot to get me out to 30k. So it's possible. It'll start tomorrow -- I'll be writing at the airport, and on the plane! :D


next time from North Carolina!