May 1st, 2012

crossed heart

The Last ARC & rebounding!

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I've got only onnnnnne ARC of Nightshifted left, and it's up on goodreads for a giveaway right now!

And, maybe it's the promise of a week off next week -- but I woke up today feeling grand.

I should have felt run over ;) -- last night at work was the longest night we've had in awhile. I got a "shit is going down, come in if you can" text at 7 PM, to which I responded "are you fucking kidding me?" (because we're all sadistic, and have been known to tease one another before) but when I didn't get a text back I knew it was legit (since because we do love one another, we'd never leave each other hanging like that in a cruel way) and so I flew over to work and was in scrubs helping out by 8 PM. I was scheduled to be in charge last night, on nightshift...and I knew that if i I didn't roll in early to help out, i'd be helping out on nights anyhow ;). It was actually fun though, it's been awhile since we had a huge emergency. And then being in charge afterwards was awesome, I had such a good crew. Nightshift really knows how to pull together and get shit done. I think it's because we're frequently understaffed (although we weren't last night, yay!) and because we're more autonomous than other no one ever wants us to call them :P. Ha.

I really did think I'd wake up today and feel physically broken though -- I was working so hard last night at one point in time you could have wrung out my scrubs, and I actually changed out after an hour, where I work we have to keep the rooms warm, it's like endurance nursing -- but I actually feel fine! Perhaps it's because I got to sleep with the knowledge of a job well done, ha ;).

Anyhow. One more shift this week, and then off on vacation timez! Wheeee! :D