April 29th, 2012

crossed heart

wrung out —

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Home now from my trip, and tired. I slept in today (courtesy of ambien) so I could work tonight and had an amusing dream where I was Neil Gaiman's friend and operated some sort of flying carnival in his backyard, heh.

The past few days were fun and stressful, in the ways that visiting relatives can be. I got the grand tour of San Diego and the maritime museum down there is amazing. We also toured the Midway aircraft carrier, which had this on board:

which is basically a cafeteria table that folds out into a gurney to triage people on.

I have to work for a few days, and then I'll head out to Blue Heaven next week. Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to a vacation-vacation, wherein I get to write? I have absurd plans of writing 30k while I'm there.

I've been beating myself up lately about my production, which I know isn't healthy. My husband says it always takes me awhile to start on new books -- he says I'm like a Dachshund, running across a gym floor, it takes awhile to get going, ha. But the truth of things is also that I haven't worked out a good promotional-stuff/new writing balance. I've done a ton of writing lately...all to promote Nightshifted on other people's websites or blogs. All of that has to happen, but it's also draining as hell. It's sort of like being on at a convention, only....all the damn time. Plus, now that I'm working 8s instead of 12s, I'm losing a lot more of my free time to actually being at (or commuting to) work...and yeah.

Things'll calm down soon -- because I will have Blue Heaven to write at, and Nightshifted will come out and promo will die down. And I only have two more conventions left this year. Wait. Three. But still ;). There's an end in sight, and chances are I'll miss it when it's gone.

More later on this week, hopefully when I'm packing for my exciting trip to writingland! :D