April 24th, 2012

crossed heart

need more time –

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In the day. Or a new younger, stronger body.

Worked the past five nights. I feel run over, or run down, one of those two ;). The spirit is willing, but Lord, the flesh is very weak. Luckily the last two nights I was in charge, and no admits (thank god, because we got enough of those this weekend) but I also worked a 12 yesterday to help out a work friend, and many parts of my body are demanding advil now.

The end result of that was not as much forward action on Deadshifted as I'd have liked -- when you're in charge, you go down with the ship and take break last, at least on my floor, if at all. And by 4 AM, i have no concentration or brain-cycles. I did talk to myself in the car a lot -- I have a tape recorder ap on my phone that I use to mull plot stuff while I commute on the most dangerous highway in my state. Yeehaw! ;) (Which is totally what my fellow commuters want to hear. But hey. I touch gross things so you don't have to. I can have one vice.)

I'm still hammering out outline details. That's what got me the emotional core-of-the-story break through I had at the end of last week, which changed everything in an awesome way, and so I think it's worth taking a few more days to concentrate on that, especially seeing as I'll be at Blue Heaven the first week of May with NOTHING TO DO BUT WRITE. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that! I really can't wait :D.

I'm taking off tomorrow to go visit relatives that are in my state. I hope to write at the airport, on the plane, and some time in the evenings while I'm there, seeing as they all keep farmer hours -- hopefully I can get the middle of the outline nailed while I'm there. :D (Looking back, there's been a lot of chain-yanking on my part about if I like what I wrote, is it done, what about now? etc. Sometimes I like things. Doesn't mean that they don't wind up being wrong and need fixing and redoing right ;). Part of my magic is being willing to rehaul vast tracts of text if they need it ;). Hence me trying out this outline thing *very hard* this time through, ha ;))

I'm trying to think of some awesome segue, but I'm too tired to be witty, and I'll be on the road tomorrow -- here's some cool stuff that I'm excited about! :D

Alice in Bookland did a video review of Moonshifted in German!

And Melliane wrote a review of Nightshifted in English and French.

These continue to amaze me. The fact that people read my books and write posts -- and freaking video reviews! -- about them sort of floors me. Muchless in other countries. I want to hug the entire nation of Germany.

And I did a guest blog post over at the Qwillery, where I talked about my process, with a giveaway of a copy of Nightshifted once it comes out in May :D.