April 22nd, 2012

crossed heart

one month to go!

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One month till Nightshifted comes out!I had a private squee-fest at work last night after it turned midnight.

I'll have to be a wee bit more promo-y here, sorry. I realize that gets annoying. I'll try to keep it lowkey. But last night it hit me -- holy cow, one month to go! I need to ramp up! And then I thought of things involving ramps, and Masada came to mind, and curse a classical education, ha. Anyhow, i want all my ramps to be non-annoying and not involve any dying. (At least this time....dum-dum-dummmmm!)

In other news, i figured out how to make Deadshifted awesome. Which involves scrapping everything I've got now. But it's really, truly, awesome. I worked on it on break last night and the voices just started pouring out and so I knew I was on the right path. Sometimes you just have to follow that. It doesn't matter how much you delete, as long as you replace it with awesome stuff.

I'm off to bed now before the ambien takes me over to ebay. I had a close encounter with an Evil Queen snowglobe on there two days ago...I don't think I would have been sad if I'd won, but really ambien and ebay do not mix.