April 19th, 2012

crossed heart

cruising altitude

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Finally like the intro to Deadshifted. All the way like it. Sent it off to Daniel, and now working on the outline. I'm going to Blue Heaven again this year and have dreams of being super productive while there -- and I know a good outline is key. I know what happens in the beginning, and about the last third, but it's the middle i've got to hammer down if I'm to write with speed.

It's juuuust over a month until Nightshifted comes out. I got a really sweet email today from someone who read it a long time ago and still remembered it, which was pretty effing rad. I think I've caught up on all the interview-y promotion-y things I know how to do. If anyone has any other interview-y promotion-y activity ideas for me, let me know.

I'm gonna play around for one more hour on the internet to get used to staying up -- starting tomorrow, I'm on for five shifts in a row. :D.