April 16th, 2012

crossed heart


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So writing the beginning of Deadshifted has been really hard -- but I'm on the right track. (Knocking on wood quickly!) I figured out why this past weekend.

Most books I've written I've written as crescendos, where everything that's happening to a character spirals up and out, louder and louder. As the book goes on, the characters get more emotionally raw and honest, and everything hurts more, and the stakes are higher.

Deadshifted's the reverse of that in a lot of ways. It starts off with a huge emotional arc, and then will narrow, decrescendo if you will, at its end to one final inevitable fixed point. I'm loving working on it, but it is a different set up for me. I've been fighting with earning out the strong emotions at the beginning of the book, but I think its working, and I'm enjoying trying out something new. And when I pull off the entire arc, it'll be really, really, reallllllly flipping cool.