April 13th, 2012

crossed heart

forging on

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Pressing on has been good for me. I'm actually pleased with what I've got so far, about 7k of material that I really like. Not all perfect yet, but good. Ish. And I've been going to the gym, and this upcoming weekend will be non-stop hanging out with people, as I've got a bachelorette party on Sat, and a baby shower on Sunday. I will keep dogpaddling until things become good again.

I think where things turned was really in the past few hours of sitting here. My characters got emotionally honest with each other, and that's always good. Especially when I'm going to take them where they're going, muhahaha.

Plus, I noticed that the This Is Serious Business switch in my head has flipped. It's like an internet lockout switch, perfected while trying to turn the last two books in on time. I haven't even noticed anything but pandora today, heh. That's always a good feeling, too.

Now, I think I've earned some Dr Who....