April 9th, 2012

crossed heart

a small pity party

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While definitely realizing my life is current awesome....I'd been feeling a little rundown since Fogcon. Like I just couldn't get my act together or my brain in the right space. Saturday night I looked at my throat at work....and found out I had strep.

Really? Really. After being sick all of March already. Sigh.

I went down to the emergency room on my break and got in and out with a shot of penicillin, and worked for the rest of the night with a face mask on. It's sort of helping, but I'm not feeling completely back to my old self yet. (What would be lovely is to have some real time off, but that's not going to happen again until June, heh.) I can't take any time off of work...so I've been working since then, heh. And will be working again tonight! Yeeeehaw.

Anyhow. Small potatoes, I know, but I'm so ready to finally be really well, and not just "I feel better than yesterday, right? Maybe?" well.