April 7th, 2012

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Nightshifted ARC Giveaway!

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Since we're in the final ramp up to Nightshifted's US release date -- I thought I'd run a giveaway over on goodreads for one of my last ARCs! I'm also giving away a cool necklace from Lost Apostle --

Nightshifted ARC Giveaway + plus cool necklace

I hope some of you all enter, and I'll probably mention it again a few times this week :D

In other news, I've been trying to work really hard on Deadshifted, with varying success. Part of that's been due to logistical craziness -- now that I'm working 8 hr shifts at work instead of 12s to save my back, I'm driving more, at work four more nights, and my schedule flipping is even flippier than normal. The temptation of sleeping on break on work has been mighty. I'm also doing a ton of behind the scenes shuffling to get set up for Nightshifted's release, which is eating my limited free time. In a good way, but still.

There's been the thing of, "Oh, well, I don't have a deadline for this," lalala (which isn't true now, hold that thought) and double plus, the hassles of dipping into a book that's the fourth in a series. There's a lot of background information to gracefully impart, while trying to boot up this book's arc. So I keep writing infodumps, and then erasing them, and rewriting them, etc.

I think I have a solid intro now though. 2500 words that do double duty. I feel sure that once I get this beginning told right, I can rush off on the rest. I know what's coming up. Though there's pressure to also get the next 8k or so right, seeing as that's what would comprise my proposal for this book, argh. But I'm working on it solidly now, so hey.

Since I'm all about goals -- small goals: I want to have the first 10k done and an outline to show Daniel by the end of next week. Big goals: I want to have Deadshifted done by RWA nationals at the end of July. That's really only 5k a week on average, which is super doable. I have a writing retreat I'm attending for a week in May, too, so if I can crannnnnk it out then, I'll be in super good shape.

Anyhow, that's enough thinking outloud for tonight. Back to the book! :D