March 29th, 2012

crossed heart

Interview up & Fogcon!

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I'm well, I'm well, hooray I'm finally well! (Imagine that in your cat's triumphant "I caught a toy!" voice.)

Man, I think I've been sick to some degree for the entire month of March. I went to bed two nights ago at midnight, and then slept till 2 PM yesterday, and took a nap from 4-8, and then went to bed again at 12....but here it is seven, and I finally feel put together again!

My voice is shot though, my throat took the brunt of this most recent bout. So I'm going to cancel my reading at Fogcon on Friday, so I can keep a voice for my panels and writing workshop section on Saturday. Here's my schedule:

1:00 p.m.
Did Everyone Fail High School Biology?
From stupid stunts with DNA to implausible ecologies, lots of science fiction just gets biology wrong. Why is this? What are examples of books, movies, or TV that gets it right?
Salon A

4:30 p.m.
You Are Not Your Rejection Slips
Learn techniques for coping with the inevitable ups and downs of a writing career. How can you maintain a sense of self-worth after a hundred rejection slips? How do you handle the feelings of being simultaneously the most brilliant writer ever and the biggest pile of s*** in the field?

OMG y'all -- I wanted to rock my box of rejections for short fiction for this last panel *so hard*. Especially since JJA is on this panel, and many of them are from him! ;). (He and I are friends, so I swear it wouldn't be awkward ;)).  I went to storage to find it, only to discover that my husband had entirely reorganized things. Which was actually sweet of him, but frustrating to me, because I know I have alllllll my rejections from my old days, back when snail mail was involved. I was going to make a big post about Life, Rejections, and Everything, complete with lists and archival evidence, but it'll have to wait now, until we move (in the year 2000, the distant future). Sorry! ;)

Last, but certainly not least -- Julia Weisenberger of Lazy Literature has posted an interview with me, in English and in German :D.

I hope I see some of y'all at Fogcon this weekend -- now that I'm healthy, I can't wait! :D