March 26th, 2012

crossed heart

fan mail :D

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Woke up to some super sweet fan mail today, from a woman in Germany who has read the first two books and is eager for book 3. Yay! Somedays a little love makes everything worthwhile.

Done with a lonnnng week at work. Was felled by a second cold and needed to sleep on breaks, and then was in charge two nights with multiple patient admissions, so no break either. (The charge nurse goes last, and/or down with the ship.) So I didn't make as much progress on Deadshifted as I would have liked, although I had some great ideas which I sketched down for later.

Tonight I'm working on Shapeshifted. My lovely agent sent me notes and I'd like to incorporate them. It should only take 2-3 days. It'll be a good ramp up to writing Deadshifted too.

And Fogcon is coming up this weekend! More on that tomorrow. I think I've got a surprise coming up for y'all, assuming I can find it in storage tomorrow....