March 17th, 2012

crossed heart

My worst sentence, let me show you it –

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Ooooh yeah, I wrote this just a few minutes ago:

"He didn’t often look into his past, but when he did, he mostly never liked what he saw."

I won't sit around and diagram why it's so bad (you know why it is bad) but I'm so happy to have written it! I'm 4k into Deadshifted, and it's so much fun to just get to write whatever again!

I always rewrite the hell out of everything, and it's so freeing to know that all of the 4000 words I've got are just placeholders for better stuff, later. For me, it's so much easier to edit once the structure's in place....and so much easier to get the words out when I'm uncritical of them. I have so many hashmarks that I use to tell myself to go back and fix things, to tag things that'll change (locations, names, dates, descriptions, places), to say "good sentiment, bad phrasing" -- I used that one for the sentence above -- etc. Whatever it takes to get out of my own way and get the words down, that's all that counts. As long as I know what I want things to mean, I can go back and make them awesome later.

My only fear right now is writing faster than my imagination. My writing endurance is stronger than it's ever been before, but it's one thing to gallop towards the end of a novel...I'm a bit leery of galloping in the beginning, before everything it set in stone. But it is really, deeply, nice to be writing again. I don't know why I convince myself that breaks between projects are good ideas. (One week probably is. Two weeks, is the beginning of  a descent into madness :P.).

Tomorrow, the forecast is for more bad sentences -- I won't share them here though ;).