March 15th, 2012

crossed heart


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Starting in on Deadshifted. It's the 4th book in the Nightshifted series, and it's not sold yet, but I know how it'll end, plus it won't leave me alone, both of which are always good signs. Spent a few hours today creating a playlist, and doing a little research bookshopping, and have 2k so far. I really want to stay on a two book a year course, even if my back injury and Project M sidetracked me for a bit there.

The hard part about new projects is always starting. (Until you get into any of the other parts. And then those become the hardest. Whichever part you're currently in = hardest.) But I feel ready to write again. I'm antsy. It's time.

And in other new beginnings -- I got to go back to yoga today, for the first time in three months. It felt really, really good to be back at it. My PT says I'm done with physical therapy now (which I'm sad about, because it was nice to go to, even if at the end it was like having a trainer at the gym). He was very impressed with how quickly I got better, which I think was due to yoga prior, and me taking even the silly baby exercises he gave me at the beginning seriously. Anyways, he said I can't just do yoga, I have to keep my strength training up, but that's OK. I actually enjoy it. I pretty much have to do the gym time from here on out, if I want to keep my back healthy. I won't get to slack off ever again.

So, back to goal land for me. Gym/yoga 5-6 days a week...and back to one k of writing a day.