March 7th, 2012

crossed heart


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Had a good time at Fantasy on the Bayou in New Orleans! Our hotel was right near the French Quarter. I'd never been to New Orleans before -- it was strange to go to someplace I'd seen so often on TV and read about -- it all looked so familiar.

My schedule was weird while I was there, going from nightshift to central time, and so I got up very early in the mornings and walked around for a few hours each day before the con. I ate off of yelp, went to dinner with my agent and some of her friends, and bought fantastic shoes :D.

I got home from that on Sunday, and went straight back to work...and I work most of this week too. I have some time off next week though, and it'll be back to the writing then. This week off has been quite enough.

In other news...Moonshifted is out in Germany in a week! I can't wait to see if the people there who liked Nightshifted will love Moonshifted as much as I do :D