February 15th, 2012

crossed heart

a night off, a picture, and a silly poem –

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Back now, and mostly caught up. My husband and I went on a cruise to Mexico, and it was lovely.We got to swim with dolphins, and snorkel, and see whales -- the whole trip was grand. Here' a picture of the sky -- the whole trip was like this :D

More pictures later when I get a chance to go through them :D.

I worked some on the cruise, and a ton once I got home, and emailed Project M to my agent last night.

Which means I'm deadline free right now. For the first time in a long time. Which is nice, because I'm way behind in house cleaning, ha. I think I have a day or two of catching up and playing LA Noire before I write again. I set all the books I have to put away on the bed -- there's a ton of research books from Shapeshifted, and I haven't tried to shelve books in a month...or three. Which inspired the following cheesy poem tonight:

Ode to a Scholar's Mistress

Although your years with me have not to a one been kind,
I still love to look upon you, see the grace in your swayed spine,
I adore the way your ears are creased at every crucial page,
I am angry at the fool who took his pen at you in rage,
Unlike he, I appreciate your passages, so the best I've underlined,
I could hourly scent your pages, and their texture is divine,
Just to see your cover showing there will nearly do me in,
I've been wildly in love with you since I saved you from the bin.
I'm so sorry that I must at last put you back upon the shelf,
But if I leave you out my dear, I simply cannot trust myself.

Don't worry, I won't make poetry a third career ;P ;) -- I'll be back to writing books once the floor is clean ;).