February 2nd, 2012

crossed heart

working on the new –

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So I know it's been a quiet week here, but that's mostly because I've been secretly working. I had a great planning phone call with my agent on Monday, and have been working on Project M ever since. (Yeah, it has a title, but I sorta like Project M for now.)

Nightshifted seems to still be doing well in Germany :D. And I got a really good review today, which is awesome -- here's the original in German on Phantastik-Couch, and here's the link to the google translated version. I especially like the last paragraph. I think he really got what I was trying to do with Edie (which, in a meta-way, was make sense of my own first year as a nurse, when things were awful and hard and sad.)

Anyhow :D. Back to quietly working, waiting for the next book-freight-train ;).