January 13th, 2012

crossed heart

the idea train

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So after giving up last night, I lay in bed and of course the idea train came. It mowed me down and compelled me to send a 600 word email to myself, via my phone (it took 30 mins to type! :P), a beat by beat sketch outline of everything that's going to happen from where I am in the book, out through the end.

I knew all these things had to happen, so it was more transcription than actual work, but it's nice to have them down on paper. It lets me relax some and stop juggling them in my mind. It'll be about 90k for sure. (It's at 60k now, mind you. I still have about 10k of edits to go before new stuff. But it's going to fill out well, and from 70k on it's going to be a crazy intense ride -- which is how I like my books to be.)

I have some personal things to attend to this weekend, but I think next week will be one big headlong rush :D.