December 30th, 2011

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2011 Wrap Up

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Despite my current back problems, this year's been really awesome, and now's a good time to think about that :D.

All of this may be superlatively superlative because I took a percocet after coming home from the doctor's today. But it's also all true, and it's good for me to see it laid out like this.

If 2011 was going to be remembered as anything particular for me, it would be the year of travel. There wasn't a single month we (or mostly me!) didn't go out of town I don't think. I freaking love to travel though, so this was mostly awesome.

I attended a ton of conventions -- Potlatch, Fogcon, Worldcon, WFC, RT Booklovers, and RWA. I also went to Blue Heaven. And also also camping and a weekend up north, a trip inland to see my folks, and a trip to yeah. That's officially a lot :D.

The highlight of the year was my trip with Rachel  to New York. I had *so* much fun. Meeting my agent and editor in person and getting to go to parties and feeling cultured and fancy was awesome :D. I don't think I could live there (like San Francisco, I'm not cool enough to hang), but I would super like to have more excuses to visit :D.

The biggest plus during all of this of all was getting to say I had a book coming out, and everyone being so happy for me about it. All my friends and family knew how long I'd waited, and how hard I'd been trying, so everyone was very excited for me, which was really nice. I always tend to be looking forward to the next challenge/project, and so I always feel a little yearningly off-center. It was good to have people pat me on the back and remind me that I've already done well.

Personally, my husband and I are doing well. His career's taking off, and the people he works with love and appreciate him, and that's a good feeling. I was watching him work today, and I started to say something, and he held out his hand and had that mad-scientist ah-ha! look on his face. He looked back and forth from his research to his computer and back again, and I totally knew what was happening for him -- he had had a breakthrough on his recent paper, he told me about it once he got it all figured out and written down. I love that he's passionate about what he does. I love that he gets why I'm passionate about what I do too.

The back stuff sucked. And still is sucking. Getting to the doctor and back today set me back a bit, car rides and my current spine do not get along. And I did get sick more this year than I had in times past. I think maaaaybe all the running around caught up with me. (Plus, I do work at a hospital. We do get whatever's coming around, alas.)

Nightshifted and Moonshifted sold to Germany and France. Nightshifted's all done, and Moonshift's been accepted. That's a fantastic feeling. Shapeshifted is almost done -- the first draft is, and the final draft will be shortly. And hell, I wrote 3 drafts worth of stuff for Moonshifted, so I've written a *ton*. I know I'm up to 200,000 words -- maybe even 250,000. That's a huge number. I suspect it's my biggest year yet. I've written two books in a year before, but never done so many drafts.

Nightshifted's on Amazon, and Nightshifted and Moonshifted are on Amazon in Germany. And selling! There are people on Goodreads who I don't even know and who aren't related to me who want to buy my books, heh! It's very strange to do this thing under a rock for years, and then have other people care. Next year will be even stranger.

I became a better nurse this past year, too. I was promoted at work, and had more opportunities to do more challenging care. My coworkers relied on me. I really felt like I was part of a team -- wait, I've always felt that. But this year I finally felt like I was pulling my own. Like a player, not a water-boy. And that's a very good feeling.

Even though I'm going to take my walker and ice and meds and probably not drink at all and be wearing yoga pants for the occasion -- I still can't wait to get out of the house tomorrow night. I'm going to take a nap tomorrow afternoon to get ready for it. I expect the next time I will see y'all will be in 2012. I hope you all get to celebrate a little bit however you see fit, and have fun! :D