December 29th, 2011

crossed heart


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Up to 39k in Shapeshifted edits. But I just got a round of notes back from Daniel, so I'm gonna pause and go back and fix things before pressing on tomorrow. (Apparently, my goal with Shapeshifted is to have the least embarrassing first draft as possible. I know, I know, how strange!)

It still feels nicely booky to me, and that gives me hope. We're betterizing now, not making wholesale changes.

Today was mostly lost in good ways. Went to physical therapy, then went out to lunch at a place near therapy, then home for spirit-lifting online shopping on Sephora with Xmas gift cards, and then a massage from a friend who then hung out for dinner. So I didn't get started until late tonight, and didn't do any of my exercises today (I did a ton of them yesterday! ;), but that's OK. I'll get right back on them -- and Shapeshifted -- tomorrow.