December 27th, 2011

crossed heart

crusing and crashing

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Did really good on Shapeshifted today -- I got up to 29k in edits. I keep telling myself there'll be huge chunks I can cut and paste in, but those all appear to be "later" :P, so a lot of this was new writing or extensive rewriting. Tomorrow's goal is 35k still. (Generic goal is 5k a day.)

My PT appt this morning was good -- I learned more exercises. It's frustrating because in some ways I'm progressing well, but in others, I'm still helpless as a kitten. I can sit up straighter for longer, and my husband and I went out to lunch, but that and the new exercises wore me out. There was a cute moment as I was walking into the restaurant with my walker, and a lady with a cane was walking out of it. A 'we've both been there' eye-moment.

Walking with a walker is tough. Maybe moreso now that I'm becoming more independent. I still need it to sit down and to get up again, but in the meantime, when you're out and about, ugh. Mine has wheels on the front legs, but they like to get caught in cement ruts. It's also hard to stand up straight when you're busy watching the ground to make sure you don't trip on things. I'm hoping next week to be able to go walk around in the mall (preferably without a walker, let me just say) so I can walk someplace where everything is flat and there's no rocks or ruts.

Just when I get to feeling independent-ish, something falls on the floor, or is on too low of a shelf, and boom, normal goes out the window again. (How will I feed my cat when my husband's at work next week? Good question! What if when I drive again, my purse falls on the floor? How will I grocery shop, when I can't carry any weight?) I suppose I should be happy though that now I'm mostly pain free. I am, and yeah, I should be.

More editing tomorrow.