December 26th, 2011

crossed heart

less humbuggy

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Okay, sorry for being so bummed last post. I am now less bummed. Still injured, but less bummed.

Yesterday wasn't so bad afterall. My housemates made a huge breakfast which was lovely, with peppered bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. It was hard to be grumpy after that.

Mostly I just worked. This time that I'm trapped in bed and my back is a perverse blessing. Around the holidays the entire internet slows down (seriously, I've reached the end of the internet twice -- each day I go looking for it and after about an hour, there it is) and so there's not much else for me to do anyhow. Daniel sent me notes on my revised first 20k, so I redid them, and pressed on, I'm out to 24k that I like now. I would have hit 25k, only my husband started rewatching Trainspotting, and it's just one of those films that sucks me in, no matter how good my headphones are.

I'm going to PT again tomorrow. I saw some incremental improvement over the past few days. I've been doing the heck out of my exercises -- I can't wait to get more to do.