December 24th, 2011

crossed heart

Blue Christmas

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So I would gladly take last year's scabies exposure over this year's back problems, for sure.

This was lining up to be a really good holiday, until the back problems happened. Now, it's just so so. I'm glum. Nothing in our house is Christmas really, since I was gonna be working it, plus going up to my folks afterwards, so I didn't decorate at all. One of my coworkers gave me a tiny Christmas tree while i was in the hospital, and my husband put lights up on it today, but it sort of only illuminates the lack of anything else. Plus, our housemates have a great tree with tons of gifts underneath for a herd of cousins...and tomorrow's just gonna be another no-family-except for my husband day for me. Not even a turkey. There'll be too many kids in the main house, so I don't want to go out there and deal with them. I know these are all really first world problems, its just that I'm blue. I' m gonna be a the glass-is-half-empty for awhile.

Really, it's that I'm dreading making phone calls tomorrow. But if I don't call them, they'll call me, you know? Soooo, yeah. I need to bite that bullet the second I get up. You know how I didn't tell my brother about how sad things were with my dad? My grandmother (who, bless her heart, is 92) wrote most of everything down and sent it in a Christmas card to him. He called me about it while I was at the hospital.*sigh*

There's a reason I choose to work on Christmas. Holiday pay, hello, and also because it gets me out of any family drama. It was going to be nice to have a Christmas with my folks though, after-Christmas itself. Now I'm trapped here, and here's a pretty depressing place to be.

Anyhow. I went to PT for the first time yesterday and he was awesome. I've been doing all my exercises ever since. I'll meet with him again on Tues. And today my horror-movie girlfriend came over and we watched The Last Exorcism and Dead Snow on netflix, both of which were pretty good horror films.

I still need a walker to walk, and I can't lift my left leg up into the bed without help. I was able to take a good shower today though. I'm getting better, but it's pretty incremental feeling. And as everyone knows, patience is not my strong suit.

So....bah humbug? Yeah. It's bah humbug for me.