December 22nd, 2011

crossed heart

hello from home

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Home now. Got discharged late last night. The walker and the bedside commode look like sad sad Dalek skeletons in my studio's tiny space.

The ride home last night was awful, there's no good way to sit in the car yet. I pretty much walkered into the house and collapsed into bed. Last night itself was long, I had to wake up my husband a lot to help me turn -- i didn't realize how much I relied on the bedrails at the hospital for pushing and pulling myself around. I'm wearing shorts now so that there's some fabric there for him to pull on to straighten me out.

This morning we navigated into the shower. It involved a lot of crabwalking (which I illustrate to prove that I still have a sense of humor about things.) But the water was so lovely -- I hadn't showered since Sat. (I didn't want any one washing me at the hospital. Foolish pride.) My housemate's gonna bring home some detangler spray for me, I'm nappy after the hospital time and my short haired husband doesn't know his way around a bottle of conditioner ;).

I found a physical therapist who can see me tomorrow, less than a mile from house. My health insurance is local to my job, and they wanted to see me over there...but I couldn't imagine driving over there for it. I'm excited to be seeing someone tomorrow, the sooner I can learn some exercises to get better the better. I like feeling in control of my own health. (Wait, I'm a control freak, and being helpless and out of control makes me depressed? That realization is after two years of therapy, folks, heh ;).)

It's hard to realize that Christmas is three days away. We were gonna go up to my in-laws for Chanukah on Sunday, but my back took a turn for the worst, and then we were gonna go visit my folks after Xmas through New Years, but that's not gonna happen now either. I haven't done any Christmas shopping that didn't involve really, and I'm gonna have to call a lot of relatives around Xmas time to explain the lack of gifts or cards, which stinks. Since I was gonna be working on Christmas, we haven't made any plans for it really. We can crash friends stuff, but it'll depend on how mobile I am.  I was looking forward to seeing my folks. Seeing them at the hospital was nice and all, but seeing them at length and at their house woulda been nicer.

Today has been long and nappy. I suspect tonight will be more of the same. PT is at 7:45 AM tomorrow -- usually I don't look forward to anything that early in the morning, but right now I seriously  cannot wait.