December 5th, 2011

crossed heart

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The beach house my in-laws rented for the family was grand. I'd never been that far up north on the coast before, and it was so so so lovely. We drove home on highway 1 for hours today, and it was even more beautiful and grand. I am very lucky to live in such a gorgeous state. Unfortunately, I am a poor photographer, and this is the best of the pix that I got.

You'll have to trust me that it was really, really, restoratively, pretty.

Although the house we were staying at had odd art:

Why would anyone want to stumble into the bathroom and see that at night? (Maybe it's fugly so no one will steal it, who knows.).

We wound up staying a night longer that I thought we would -- this was my last weekend off until the middle of Jan, I'm booked through everything with the exception of one New Years Eve night, so I needed to get in some time out of the studio and off while we could. (Really, it was too pretty not to leave. I could have easily stayed there with my laptop in my lap, looking out of the window, for years.)

I finished Nightshifted's pageproofs, which to be honest, feels anti-climactic after every other freaking process stage, heh. It's done-done-done now, but it lacks the drama it would have had a few months ago, *snort* ;). I'll type the few corrections up to email my editor tomorrow.

And I did more work on Project M. Will be finishing that sometime this week I hope.

I've been feeling really anxious (surprise!) about getting everything I need to get done on time, so this might be me dropping off the face of the earth for awhile. Between working 2-3 days a weekend, and then writing when I can, and doing Xmas stuff with family (and purchasing gifts for said family), and some mandatory social involvement things like my husband's office holiday party, I feel tapped out for available time. I'm really looking forward to February when everything's gonna be finished (or, i'll be down to just one project at a time ;)).

But this past weekend was lovely, and really everything feels far more doable after a short break :D.