November 30th, 2011

crossed heart

the publication hydra

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So I'm working on this so far secret project, trying to get it into shape. (Let me back up with my reasoning -- a) there's no guarantee that St. Martins will want more books in the Nightshifted world after I turn the last one in in early Jan 2012 and b) I super want to be under contract for the rest of my mortal life.) So I've been working on and off with agent (and Daniel!) supervision on Project M so that maybe we can sell it in the spring, which'll give me something to do for the six months before Nightshifted comes out and becomes a world wide best seller and my contract gets renewed. (I live in hope! ;))

I've been working really hard on the outlines for the proposal, and last night I stayed up until 4 working on the 3rd book one. Most proposals that I've read (and indeed the ones I sold w/Nightshifted) are super short, "yo, here's my book" things. My proposals for Moonshifted and Shapeshifted fit together on the same page.

But these proposals -- well, they're sort of springing, Athena-like, fully-formed from my brain, and they're running 5-7 k apiece. Even though the end was in sight last night, I decided to go to sleep, because I'll be out of town with family this weekend and it might be nice to be up and social at a reasonable hour.

So I went to sleep at 4:30 AM. Took an Ambien even. And then at 8 in the morning, my brain woke me up. "Finish. Finish. Finishfinishfinishfinish!"

I ignored it for two hours and then gave up, and got up to go to breakfast and wrote a 1k, and then to the car shop and wrote another k, finishing it, and sent it off to Daniel for him to see. Then I took a weird nap and slept through all my opportunities to go to yoga, annnnd yeah. I appreciate my brain's tenacity, but I'm wrecked now, and considering going back to sleep so I can just restart on a normal schedule tomorrow.

On the way plus side, this new series feels completely amazing and awesome. Writing the final outline wrung me out and made me cry. Everything still needs another round of polish, but all the material is there. It just feels right.

And just when I thought I was really done with at least one of the projects in my life ;) -- I just got page proofs for Nightshifted in the mail today. (To be honest, I didn't even know there was this stage -- I though the copyedit stage I did last month was the last part.) But lo, it's my book, in convenient print form! Whoohoo! There's even a preview from Moonshifted at the end of it! :D :D :D They're due back 12/16, which is awesomesauce, because now I can do them this weekend. (My in-laws are sweetly taking their whole family to a cabin-type thing at a place I've never been before, which is cool. We should be on a beach. A cold beach, but a beach! I hope it's scenic there :D.)

Anyhow. That's this week's plan. Finish pageproofs in my "free" time. Finish secret project and turn it into agent by the 7th to get it off my plate, and then racing away on Shapeshifted after that, over the holidays :D.

It's making me tired just thinking about all of it. I think I am just gonna go back to sleep and try again tomorrow, heh ;).