November 18th, 2011

crossed heart

Moonshifted re-re-edited ;)

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My brain is toast.

So I went to jury duty on Tues. It was for an arson trial. Those of you who know me, know that yeah, I was not going to be unbiased for it. The judge wouldn't let me leave though (despite my raising my hand at 9 AM to say, "Yo, this of all trials is not for me,") and I didn't get dismissed until 4 in the afternoon, boo.

During my lunch break, my editor emailed and wanted to set up a time for a phone call to discuss the edits to Moonshifted that I'd turned in last week. I admit there was some freaking out -- I don't know why I've been so trained to expect the worst, but I am (wait, it could be not selling 9 books and a decade of writing without publication! ;P ;)) -- but I reminded myself that she's always been cool so far, plus she wants me and my books to succeed. So we spoke the next day (my yesterday, in actuality Weds AM) for an hour and she bullet pointed out things she wanted me to touch up again.

I work three days starting this weekend, and I work some next week, plus Thanksgiving is coming up, soooooooooo...yeah. I just busted everything out between Weds night and last night, and sent it off about half an hour ago.

I'm so tired my chest hurts, but it's good :D. I'm done. Hopefully everything after that (if anything!) will be very minor. And now I can roll into work with a clear conscience tomorrow night. (Er, tonight.)

crossed heart

edits accepted!

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A lot of times I hate the time difference between PST and EST -- like scheduling phone calls to New York when I mostly live on nightshift makes me want to cry -- but today that was not the case! I emailed Moonshifted off last night, and voila, woke up to my editor's official acceptance today! Wooohoo! It is done!

Two books into my contract, finished! Just one to go!

Let the dance party commence!!!! :D :D :D