November 14th, 2011

crossed heart

forward progress — and ambitious women

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Fell off the internet for a few shifts of work there -- but am back at it again. I worked some this weekend on break doing outlines for Project M (my still mysterious proposal) and am starting to get those in line. It took about 72 hrs of sheer thinking to get everything going down the right path (plus some awesome help from Rachel Swirksy, Cory Skerry, Marie Brennan, Barry Deutsch and my husband who is great at helping me ping ideas.) Then last night I stayed up till 4 AM writing everything down, about 4k of material, and sent it to Daniel for him to review, and had a great phone call with him this afternoon :D.

(If any of that gives you the impression that I rely a lot on other people, why yes, I do. I would suck as an island.)

Plus -- my agent emailed me today. She got a chance to read my revisions and is really stoked about Project M. That always makes everything better! And easier to work on! ;)

I wanted to stay up late tonight and rock things out again, but I found out I had jury duty this afternoon. (They skipped me for yesterday. I was hoping I'd get skipped all week :P.) So now I have to schedule flip over to be day shift, although hopefully I'll get out of it. (They always want nurses to be on juries, judging from how often my friends get picked...but I was on a jury three years ago. This year I'm going to tell them I'm a writer and that my husband was a defense attorney, which isn't a lie. I figure both of those things are scarier than me being a nurse ;).)

Apropos of nothing, here's a great article about women and ambition. It's been awhile since I did a How to Write a Book in Six Months post, mostly because I've been so busy doing it, heh. I'm one of the most ambitious people I know, and I always enjoy hanging out with other ambitious people too. (I got to have lunch with David J. Williams at World Fantasy, he and I are buds from way back, and I freaking love his drive to succeed. He is a machine at striving, in all the best ways.)

It's exciting to see everything teetering on the brink of coming together for me. (Or moreso than things already have.) It's required a ton of focus in these past two weeks, and I feel very selfish about spending all my spare time in front of the computer. Like the article says -- I still apologize to my husband for taking so much time to do my own thing. Being outside of society's norms (and especially the southern way I was raised) makes me anxious, even if I know I have to spend time by myself to succeed. Luckily, my husband is the type to tell me he's good -- and besides, right now, he has Skyrim to play! ;) But really, if he needs me, he says he does, and isn't all passive aggressive about being ignored like some people. He's good at being alone, too, and pulling his own share of the weight. Those are some of the main reasons why I love him :D.

Anyhow. In a very good headspace right now.Very pleased :D. To bed, and to hopefully be up early enough to get coffee before I hit the court house :D.