November 8th, 2011

crossed heart

so about yesterday-tonight — & Paranormal Activity 3

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So I'm taking a break and watching TV yesterday with my husband when work calls....turns out my schedule was changed and I had to go in. So I did. Arrived an hour late. After having gotten up at 11 work until 7:30 AM the next morning.

My coworkers understood and gave me the right kind of assignment. Busy enough to stay awake, but no one critical. And when it was time to do a huge AM dressing change they swooped in and did it for me. It was so awesome. I love the people I work with. They totally saved me.

Probably the nicest part of all that was that I didn't have to feel bad. It was lovely that they were all so helpful...but also I'd done the same thing for most of them in the past. So i didn't have to feel guilty at all, just happy that my karma was rolling back to me and pleased by the amazing team I work with on nightshift. I love them. :D :D :D.

The bad thing was driving home in the AM after 21 hrs of no sleep. I started to time travel a bit, and realized I should really not have been on the road. That's how afterschool specicals start. I rolled down the windows so i could get air and made myself sing along with all the songs on the radio, but what I really should have done was call in a favor and crash at someone's house nearer to where I work. (Yes, like a drunk driver, I was putting other people in danger too. It was a bad idea. This is sort of my journal and not a chronicle dedicated to my infallibility and fantastic decision making skills.)

Anyhow, got home. Crashed out. Woke up. Ate dinner with a girlfriend and went to see Paranormal Activity 3.

I knew we were going out to see I left the light on for myself back home.

I was a huge fan of the first film, and while the second film went a little astray, this film brought the franchise back. I'll try not to spoiler things, but the premise is (in all three films) that there's a ghost (so to speak) out to get a family, and for assorted reasons there's always someone in the film who thinks taping their entire lives ala the Blair Witch Project timesed with reality shows is a great idea.

I really liked the first one until the second beat of the final ending, a tag which I thought was completely unnecessary. When the woman in that runs away that final time....she doesn't need to come back for her ending shot. It's far far FAR worse for her to be OUT, DOING THINGS, than it is for her to be in that last shot. Her freedom and the potential for chaos is way worse than one last jump and a text-explanation with pseudo-closure.

This one didn't have that, which was good -- it had the creepy "wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf!" thing going for it pretty strong. I spent the middle third of the movie with my hand over my face, peeking out through my fingers. It's funny though at the ending, when they started trying to explain things, and the film got more chase-like and less creepy, I didn't need to hide from it as much. It slid again into midichlorian territory, where it was trying to explain the reasons for the myth, when really it was entirely unnecessary. Creepy shit happens for creepy reason is a much stronger film than creepy shit happens, oh hai, let me tell you why.

That said, I was still pretty glad to come home to a lit up house.

I'm feeling really crunchy right now. I didn't edit last night (foolish me, I tried to sleep on break, heh) and I'm wondering if the better part of valor is going back to sleep tonight and waking up tomorrow to be useful. I'll try and work for an hour or so, but if its not happening then, I'll give up and reboot my brain tomorrow. Still have two whole days (now completely off) before this book is due.