November 6th, 2011

crossed heart

moonshifted edits –

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Up to page 396 tonight. Did almost 60 pgs. Pg 434 (now that I'm adding words, it's getting pushed out some, dangit! :P) is just around the corner.

Tomorrow will be another long heavy day. But I should finish! And then I'll be able to reread everything and smooooothen it all out and turn it in and finally take a day off. :D

Nightshifted has an American Amazon page now :D. There's no cover or info up, but it's up there! They say it'll be released on May 22. I hope that's the case, since it'd be right before Wiscon. I would be so thrilled to have it out before then! I love Wiscon :D. I'll link to the page if anything exciting changes. Right now I just keep being bemused that it's there. I'm so glad to have all these random bits of good news and signs of progress while I'm working away. They really help to keep me focused.

And you know what? I'm totally buying tickets for World Fantasy in Brighton, UK. Because hopefully my husband and I will be able to make a trip of it, and head over to France and Germany and any other country awesome enough to buy my books by then :D.