November 5th, 2011

crossed heart

it’s snuggie-time

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Two days ago I was downtown wearing shorts, and last weekend I was in a tank top in San Diego...and now I'm bundled up with a shirt, sweater, snuggie and cat. Sheesh! :P

Actually, the change in the weather is nice. I always love an excuse to use my electric blanket. :D

Tonight I have kicked some editing ass. I'm at pg 338 in Moonshifted and have less than 100 pgs total to go. Here is the stack of what's left:

There's still a lot to go...but whoa, did I do so much today. My husband took off and went out to friends tonight (to play Arkham Horror without me, *sob!*), so I had the double guilt trip of not wanting to waste his yeah. I think i did 100 pgs today alone.

In a perfect world, I'll finish tomorrow and then get to reread everything twice before I send it back. I'm hoping I can get far enough ahead that I can go see Paranormal Activity 3 this week before it leaves theaters without feeling guilty. (And also go to the Flea Market.)

I really have made this a vastly better book. Its amazing. I'm so glad I got feedback on it -- and also that I had three months of time away from it first, heh ;). I'm very proud of what I'm accomplishing here so quickly.

(I know these posts are boring. But right now I am boring. This is all I'm doing :P. And I really look forward to making them, so hey. ;))