November 3rd, 2011

crossed heart

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Turns out going to sleep early last night was exactly the right thing to do. Wound up texting myself 300 words of notes over two hours and 10 emails. Not all of them were useful this AM, and my ambien-texting skills leave something to be desired, but I had a good starting point this morning.

I edited at breakfast, drove to therapy, edited before therapy, drove to yoga, edited before yoga at a coffee shop, came home, hung with husband, and then more edits. Got up to pg 211, which is just a little under halfway through. As much as I hate breaking my work time up, I got some good first draft stuff down during those pauses that I was able to polish up to being serviceable tonight. (BTW, work, yoga, and therapy appts are the only thing I'm doing this week. All other social things have been canceled, so I can be all hands on deck. I've even started only checking/responding to email three times a day, which is a huge time saver.)

There's still a lot left, and the parts that need work are disproportionately at the end of the book, but I feel good about timing so far :D.

My therapy appointment was awesome today. We talked about my recent increasing anxiety issues, and I actually said the phrase, "I'm worried about being more worried in the future." Which drew me up short, the fabulous ludicrousness of it. I even laughed after I said it out loud. She cautioned me against meta-angst, heh, and we talked about being in the moment more instead of fearing futures I cannot control. Yes, some stuff is thyroid, but I worry a lot about book-career-future stuff, which I need to let go. I rock at the book-work stuff, and that's all I can honestly do. That, and say things I'm afraid of aloud to see if they even make any sense :P.