November 2nd, 2011

crossed heart

moonshifted edits –

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Finished the last hundred pages of the grammar pass. Then dove into the structural pass. Up to page 147 of 429 total. (There'll be a 3rd reading-everything pass after all of this, for continuity.)

I think I'm stopping here for tonight. Basically, the next two chapters are bunk. There's information in there that I need to present, and that has to be in this order chronologically. But the surrounding stuff is just ugh bad, no movement, no juice. My temptation is to press on through, but it isn't worth it. My brain is tired and I might come up with a more subtle solution if I just think about it over night.

I have gotten a lot done today though. I'm pleased so far. I am on track -- and if I get these two chapters pulling their weight tomorrow, I'll be in good shape to turn things in by the 11th.