October 30th, 2011

crossed heart

Post WFC :D

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Back from World Fantasy!

For once, I didn't spring for the internet at a hotel, and just rocked my phone, which was actually kind of relaxing. Since I turned in Nightshifted copyedits, and Moonshifted was back home (in the gun safe, where my housemates put it for safe keeping, in case of zombie attack, heh ;)) I had a few writing days off, which was lovely.

I had no idea (despite the fact that my brother lives down there) that San Diego would be so lovely in October. In retrospect, I wish I'd brought my swimsuit for the hotel pool. As it was, getting to wear tank tops out and get some sun was grand :D.

I only went to one panel, which didn't really float my boat, but I enjoyed the hell out of a lot of friend's readings. None of them disappointed, and two and a half were stellar. (The half is for the fact that the story was cut short by time requirements! It was the Carnivale of Abandoned Tales by Caitlyn Paxson, which was amazing. So glad the rest of it was available online!)

I had one reading that was well attended (joyfully so!) and I managed not to read too quickly, hooray!

The parties were fun and seeing everyone again so soon was fun -- Worldcon in Reno wasn't that long ago, and most of everyone was also there ;). I got to show off my book cover on my phone (no internet sharing yet, I think, but stealth phone-sharing, why not? ;)) and that was really freaking rad :D.

I looked at the coverletter explaining everything it is I have to do on Moonshifted tonight, but after the long-ass drive home, I mostly hung out with my husband and cat. (We were gone for a week, and every time I leave the room she has a panic attack, poor thing! Even now, she's slouched on my arms as I type to pin me down.) Tomorrow I'll start really working. My edits are surmountable, and I know I'll get them done (and isn't everything easier to accomplish when one has a bullet pointed list?) but I'd be lying if I said it was a short list, or that it would be super easy. There's some heavy lifting in there...but I'm a heavy lifting kind of gal. (My totem animal, if I can make a tongue-in-cheek claim to have one, is a Clydesdale. Brute force and pathological persistence are often my best friends.)

I might drop off the face of the earth while I do nothing but edits for two weeks, or I might resurface to report some progress here. We'll see how things go :D.