October 25th, 2011

crossed heart

WFC-related hiatus ;)

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Got into San Diego this morning (after a lovely night at Chez Swirsky along the way). Hung out with my brother, worked on copyedits, and they're done-done now :D. All I have to do is print off two things and mail them back tomorrow morning :D

Moonshifted edits should be waiting at my house when I get back from WFC, and I'll turn those around quickly, and then its back to Shapeshifted until New Years :D.

I am doing okay, but I'm low on spoons right now, so I'm giving myself permission to skip blogging for a few days while I'm on this trip.

I actually talked to my boss about switching to dayshift. You have to realize how deeply thyroid tired I am for that to sound like a good idea. I am not a dayshift person. For one thing, I'm nice :P. For another, I hate talking to doctors, heh. And, it would be a considerable paycut, not getting my nightshift differential. I was hoping that switching to dayshift would give me a chance to be on a normal schedule, which'd help with the tiredness. While my boss was sympathetic about my health issues, there's people who're taking maternity leave on nightshift too that we need to keep staffing up for, so I can't entirely switch. Our compromise was for me to get a set schedule, which'll hopefully mitigate some of the exhaustion from flipping schedules back and forth. Hopefully me working nightshift one week and then having a whole week off will be better than scattered shifts on and off all the time.

In super awesome news, I have seen my final-final Nightshifted cover! I can't share it on the internet yet, but if you see me at WFC, I have it on my phone, ask and I can show you! :D