September 28th, 2011

crossed heart

43k — almost to halfway

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Hooray -- i picked my way through the last 3 troublesome K on Shapeshifted and think I've lined up everything now so that it makes sense. I have a four hour writing date set up tomorrow with Maggie (hooray x 2!) and I am going to make 50k by the end of tomorrow night. I'm allllmost to the part where I can cut and paste in huge pieces of text, thank goodness.

And that's good, because Moonshifted edits are coming down the pipe. I assume those'll take me two straight weeks to do, I know that book was in a pretty rough state when I sent it in. I needed some distance from it though, and now that it's been 3 months, I'm ready to work on it again :D.

And my Project M from before has met with a degree of agent approval. I'd like to make the changes she suggested and get those back to her by the 7th of Oct, which is no longer all that far away, aie!

Have also emailed some people regarding blurbs for Nightshifted. All this ancillary stuff that comes with being an author is unexpected. Welcome, in that I get to do it at all, but strange and out of my normal comfort zone.

I'm meeting with some potential first readers in the morning on Friday, after work. I really hope we hit it off. I'm writing about some other cultures in Shapeshifted and I really (epically, deeply, resoundingly really) do not want to screw things up. Plus, I could really use some great first hand info. My fingers are very crossed.

I got to see the pages of the Piper Verlag catalog that were for Nightshifted and Moonshifted! (This is the awesome part of being a new author. Not the blurb-asking part.) To be honest, I've had them on my task bar ever since I first opened the pdf up. It's fantastic. I can't believe they're in there, in full color, all glamorous! I'm so thrilled. I wish I could share it. (I'll check! Maybe I can!) Every time I get a little tired of what I'm doing, I open it up and think, holy cow, those are my books in there. Finally. After all this time :D.

Last, and most tangentially, I used the fun money part of my German advance to get a Thai massage today. I don't think I'll go back to normal massages. Not that I get them frequently, but the Thai thing was way more like being kneaded by a giant munificent cat, which I suppose is my end goal in massages. It was much more extensive than a deep tissue massage, and a lot more like yoga, which was cool.

More tomorrow night, hopefully the 50k chirp, and then radio silence while I work on Project M ;).