September 22nd, 2011

crossed heart

35k —

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I extensively rewrote 3500 words tonight. Getting to 50k by Sunday (during a work weekend) seems like a distant dream :P. But, 40k, i can do by tomorrow night. (Which, amusingly, was my goal two goal posts ago, before I got all greedy.)

The things I wrote in draft zero are much less cut-and-paste right now. They're either so scattered as to be place-holders, or set in stone in ways that don't help and require gutting anyhow. Which is fine. I'm still on the right track, and everything I'm doing feels good. It's definitely the right plot now, with the right focus, even if it'll still need polish later.

Sorry that my blog's so boring lately. I'm trying to keep up with exercise, and hanging out with friends (i didn't like the way I got at the end of last book, a panicked homebody). Plus my brain's too exhausted to be cute, heh.

I did have a great time in SF the other day with Katie Sparrow -- we wandered all over, which was fantastic. Usually I just go there to go to specific places there, and never get to hang out.  We walked through Golden Gate park, and through the botanical gardens -- a trip I recommend and would love to do again.

I even broke down and took pictures like a tourist. Here's my imaginary future house and an impressive Medusa mural.