September 18th, 2011

crossed heart

regoaling & vaccines

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Made it to 27500 words in this new draft of Shapeshifted that I'm sort of thinking of as draft 1. (Prior draft was draft zero.)

I did want to get to 40k by tonight, but it's OK that I haven't, I've done really good work. I compared my new text with the old, and I'm 8500 new words up, which is awesome (so my old draft material will go farther) and Daniel says I'm still on the plot track. I think the element that I added in (and was nervous about a few posts back) is really working, especially for the theme of the whole book. Checking out going forward, I've got 15k of original material that I suspect will expand into 20-25k, which'll put me firmly in "over half a book" territory. Seeing as I haven't written the ending yet, although I have it plotted out in my brain :D, it's feeling like it'll be long enough in the end, which was another concern of mine. (I should know things'll be all right. Once I get to the "everything is important and all these plots overlap and crazy shit happens" part, the words pretty much spool out on their own. ;))

I still have some days off next week to rock the words out in, and now that I know I'm writing the right stuff (even if it'll need another polish or two to get completely awesome) I feel much less stressed.

In other news...

I have been trying so hard to ignore the primaries. I knew people would say things to make me angry, and sure enough...

Michele Bachmann's slam on HPV vaccines saying...that they caused retardation?


Jesus Christ, are you kidding me? Please, go live in LA and get coughed on by some of the kids who now have whooping cough thanks to the efforts of Ms. Jenny McCarthy. Or better yet, attend some of the funerals of babies who died because they were too young to be vaccinated and they got coughed on by kids who had it.

Even better, get cervical cancer. And laugh all the way to the operating room so glad that you didn't grow up in a time when SCIENCE COULD FUCKING MAKE THINGS BETTER.

We had a kid recently who didn't have any vaccinations. They were with us for a month. That whole time, all I could think about was, This is the worst possible place for you to be. Hospitals are germy by nature, by dint of those who need them. If you actually have to stay at one, and your parents were so dumb as to skip vaccinating you in your childhood, good god I would not want to think of what your greater risks of catching things could be, given the rest of our population.

So, to sum up, Dear Ms. Bachmann:


None of the rest of the world wants to be vaccinated with your stupid.