September 6th, 2011

crossed heart

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

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Okay, that movie was pretty freaking awesome.

I went out to see it tonight with my scary movie seeing girlfriend (which I realize makes her sound like she's some sort of accomodation i take with me to frightening films, who watches all the scary parts for me, which is actually THE CASE.) I spend half the movie with my hands over my eyes, and she laughs her ass off, and together we tell the people in the movie what they should be doing that they're not -- it's a great time :D. (We make sure we sit far away from everyone else and whisper quietly, honest.)

(We saw a preview for Straw Dogs. Someone is going to have to convince me that that's just not another fucking remake like of Last House on the Left. Because while I know that guy from True Blood is hot and all, I'm not sure I want to see a remake again.)

I like how every time there's a movie involving evil fairies -- the evil tooth fairy in particular, in whole or in numbers -- they can't tell you that in the previews. (Anyone remember Darkness Falls? I loved that when it came out.) I get that no one'll buy evil fairies, as well, evil...but really, the CGI in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark was intense.

I will link, instead of just putting it out there.

Now imagine a thousand of those, holding nails and kitchen implements, about a hand high, attacking you, climbing up you, stabbing out your eyeballs.


There's some normal haunted house foibles -- why they don't leave as soon as they believe in the creatures, why the little girl is willing to listen to things that talk inside the walls, muchless let them loose, why when they do  escape, they don't return to PUMP THE TUNNEL TO THE FAIRY UNDERWORLD WITH 1 MILLION GALLONS OF CEMENT LIKE I WOULD IF IT WERE ME. But I digress. All in all, a really freaking scary good film :D