September 3rd, 2011

crossed heart

Project M — done

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Had the dragon by its tail tonight -- 4500 words, for a total of 14 k in Project M. I think it's done for now. (Sent it off to Daniel, of course, to be sure.)

Man, I love the feeling of sheer word count, especially when you can feel it's going right. It's like sex, fire, and magic, all at the same time. I love it when it just spools straight out from my head, and I'm so in the characters and everything is raw. Raw and perfect. (At least for one night. See: Daniel reading it to tell me what's wrong with it -- or right! he's very kind sometimes! and sometimes I don't screw up! -- tomorrow ;))

Anyhow. I get to breathe now. That was so good. Can't believe it's dark now and there's only sleeping people and sleeping world to celebrate with, heh.

Back to Shapeshifted tomorrow, like a good author who finishes what she's really supposed to (and not side projects) on time. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel my deadline breathing down my neck, now that it's just four months away.

And I'll share more about Project M when I can, if all goes well. :D