September 2nd, 2011

crossed heart

more word count

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2500 word day today on Project M. It's up to 8900 words now. I was gonna finish around 10k, but I need to bounce that out to get to one really cool scene -- so 15k'll be the end of it. I should still hit it by the end of this weekend.

Today was pretty perfect. I woke to a friend's really good news, went to yoga, scoured the internet for useful pix, watched Peep Show (not a Peep Show, the Peep Show, which is hilarious), and then wrote my ass off for two hours. Sent what I wrote off to Daniel, and now fingers crossed that he'll say it's good. I even finished reading a book, and got in a nap.

I love my yoga instructor, but he went off on talking about Breatharians in a mildly serious way today. And then in the next sentence talked about how we have eleventy-jillion nerves in our body...and...well, the juxtaposition of science and no-science and anti-science bugs. Ah well. The yoga's making my back feel awesome.

Here's Mitchell and Webb (the writers/actors from Peep Show) doing a "Homeopathy on A&E" skit. It's ironic in the extreme, and pretty much sums up everything I think about the non-Western medical advice topic.

More words tomorrow :D.