September 1st, 2011

crossed heart

Project M & Random

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6500 in Project M. (Which I'm sorry for being oblique about -- it's a proposal for something I'd like to sell so I have guaranteed work from Jan-June, while I'm waiting for Nightshifted to come out next June. Which is also why I only have a week to do it, really, because my effing pride won't let me turn in Shapeshifted late.)

In other news today, I have some random posts for you all about health care:

How Hospitals Harm Us -- this is a great infographic about how the American Health Care system, as it stands, is failing you. My job is particularly germophobic, so much so that it freaks me out when I float to other floors and wearing gloves isn't the common rule. (I also hate floating where patients look at me like I'm wearing gloves like I've got something against them, and I have to explain that I'm wearing them for their safety.)

The most violent job in Washington? Nurses aide. -- and this is an article about how violent health care settings can be. I really had no idea until I began working where I work (which is a pretty extreme ICU floor) how dangerous nursing was. The stuff you deal with in nursing school is very tame in comparison to "Oh shit this patient is flopping out of bed with DTs and wants to punch me all the time." My heart in particular goes out to psych nurses. That is some brutal work.