August 30th, 2011

crossed heart

How to Write a Book in Six Months — Showing up.

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I didn't want to show up today. (See my earlier post, where I was all GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on today.)

I wrote a lame post about "all you have to do is show up, somedays!" this morning, and I deleted it, because I wasn't sure if I was gonna show up at all.

But I know my mood's better when I work, when I get exercise, when I leave the house, and when I hang out with friends. So i did all of the above -- starting with working some, so at least I'd tried to work some, and then didn't have an excuse to feel bad about myself for the rest of the day.

And I wound up doing 1500 words on Project M. Some of them are even the right words, I can tell.

I'm still on this side of glum, but I feel better for having worked, leaving the house to go to the gym, and doing a google hangout with some friends.

I am glad that I didn't give up, and that I tried.

I realize it's easy to say that now, since it did work. I've found out in the past though, that for me at least, 9/10ths of the effort is showing up to work. The rest just shakes out on its own if I try.