August 24th, 2011

crossed heart

Shapeshifted update

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Up to 32,500 total tonight -- I did 3500 word yesterday, to get up to 30k, and then another 2500 tonight. Phew. Also worked some on my new project -- Project M, titled as such because if I get to write it, it'll be 13th book I've ever written, and most of my books get alphabetical designations of some sort in my head, although not always in proper order.  I sent the first k off to Daniel to see what he thinks about the voice. Crossfingers that maybe I'm near.

Trying to slam through so much work was hard, although I'm glad it paid off. Today I work up at first enthused by what I'd done last night, and then disheartened that I hadn't really gotten ahead, so much as barely caught up and dogpaddling. Mostly because I have to work the rest of this week, which is going to stop me from doing anything but work-sleep-eating for four days. Boo. I think it still looks like I'll finish this draft in September, though, if I keep making maximal use of my downtime.

I skipped yoga today and didn't leave the house today (yay delivery pizza!) which, now that it's almost 3 AM and I've got cabin fever, was a really bad a idea. Grump. I think I've got a bit of post-convention blues -- it's real easy to get used to having fifty of your friends around, and real hard to transition back to the oftentimes lonely real world afterward.

So, that's +1 for writing (x2 days) = 2, minus -1 for no yoga, minus -1 for generalized blues, and +1 for nearby supportive sleeping cat:

I think that gets us out of tonight on a positive note ;).