August 19th, 2011

crossed heart

Worldcon day 1! :D

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Yay! Worldcon is going swimmingly. I've managed to bump into a ton of friends and meet a few new people, and also spend quality time with my husband. Things have been awesome and mellow. I didn't feel compelled to stay up until the end of things tonight, which is good because I've got a breakfast date with friends that I'm looking forward to tomorrow :D.

In one of my mini-downtimes, I put 900 more words in on Shapeshifted, cresting the 25600 mark. Still hoping to hit 30k on or around Sunday, and I still think it can be done :D. And since I'm significantly underwriting this draft, I'm actually much further along in the story than that word count lets on, phew.

More later as things go on! :D